New Inventory3D feature – automatic drone inspections

Inventory3D launches a new feature for automatic site inspections with camera equipped drones. The use of drones for photo documentation of sites with a certain height, eg buildings or towers, is superior to camera shots taken from the ground, because drones can fly much closer to a point of interest. On the Inventory3d interface from a mobile device the drones are conveniently programmed with the coordinates and positions of the viewpoints. The programmed drone flies automatically to the target site and takes the photos from the programmed viewpoints. The photos are then used as documentation materials.

Convenient Checklists for site survey in the field

Did you know? The Inventory3D webapp and mobile app offer a checklist functionality that can be used for checking off work duties, such as inspections or other to do lists.

Inventory3D introduces automatic functions for SketchUp

  • Autopositioning to automatically place components in the model according to their defined coordinates
  • Autolayer to synchronize the layer structure of the SketchUp components according to their SU_Layer column value,
  • Autobinding to automatically connect components in the model to database records by their unique identifiers/names,
  • Assisted Labeling to display database information about components in SketchUp Layout.