General support

Email response within 24 hours is provided 24/7. In most cases we can provide the solution to the issue within this time frame.

Any requests for support or professional services are very welcome and can be addressed to the Inventory3D support team.

For getting started

With each purchase you obtain Inventory3D team’s assistance for a smooth start*:

– help with Inventory3D software installation and set up;

– developing SQL/ODBC connections for the Inventory3D interface to your existing ERP/inventory database;

– helping you to create a new dataset;

– developing up to 10 shapes (SketchUp’s 3D components) of your inventory items based on their documentation or sketches you provide.

*up to 2 working hours of Inventory3D team for remote assistance are assumed

Additional professional service

If you need further assistance or have any specific questions related to the implementation of your projects, please do not hesitate to contact our team of Inventory3D experts. We are always pleased to provide additional professional service support to our customers.