Inventory3D System

  • – Open, flexible, client-customizable database structure
  • – Easy external data integration, support of real-tima data feeding
  • – Self-customizable, easy to use web interface, also supported on mobile devices
  • – Integration with leading Map (Google Map), GIS (ESRI’s ArcGIS) and 3D CAD (SketchUp) for outside- and inside-plant engineering
  • – Easy to implement, well supported modern IT system

Desktop web front-end

  • – Open, flexible, client-customizable database structure
  • – Integration with external databases
  • – Network data management
  • – Templates for site survey checklists
  • – Documentation and commissioning of works on sites

From a desktop, laptop or tablet computer with internet access, the Inventory3D webapp connects to a server located database and enables the user to readily edit the database.

Any changes are synchronized with the server database content, keeping the database constantly up to date.

Integration with Google maps

Visibility of network information for the needs of customer care / technical support

Mobile web front-end

The Inventory3D Mobile App has been designed specifically for mobile devices in order to support field works, such as installation, monitoring and inspection. For example, workers use the Mobile App to follow up on projects in the field, upload real time information and photos.

Integration with SketchUp

Link database records to 3-D graphics with the help of automatic functions:

Autopositioning to automatically place components in the model according to their defined coordinates

Autolayer to synchronize the layer structure of the SketchUp components according to their SU_Layer column value,

Autobinding to automatically connect components in the model to database records by their unique identifiers/names,

Assisted Labeling to display database information about components in SketchUp Layout.

Industry examples

The Inventory3D system can be implemented in many different industries, including construction, production and service. Our team has gained exclusive experience in implementing various projects, from helping to plan and control big roll-outs to increasing the operational efficiency and savings. We are very interested in implementing Inventory3D in different fields and industries together with you.

1. Telco industry

Our first industry example is an Inventory3D database model for a Telco site. With Inventory3D we created overviews in the geographical environment, site plans and equipment plans.The sample database has been created from standard “close out” documentation material used in the United States. That means that no extra visits to the site have been performed, and no extra photos have been taken for building the model.

Telco sites can be inspected and the inventory verified within a few minutes, or a new layout plan for the site can quickly be drawn. Like that, Inventory3D can help to keep your tabular inventory database synchronized with the technical drawings and photos from the field. And your site plans and equipment drawings are always up to date.

Applications for telco industry

RAN, Transport network planning and operations management

  • – sites, cells, transmission data management and automatic OSS, synchronization
  • – map visualization (Google Maps, ArcGIS)
  • – actual/planned data management
  • – interfacing/export-import with planning tools (ICS Telecom, Cellular Expert)
  • – interface for mobile use

Sites survey, commissioning network assets management

  • – site survey, commissioning
  • – site / tower space management

Network technical support

  • – map visualization of alarms, throughput maps

2. Solar industry

Industry example for how the Inventory3D mobile app is integrated into a SketchUp based 3D PV engineering system for the sales, production and delivery process at a PV panels producing company.

The 3D PV engineering system covers all the workflow from sales support to backoffice engineering, significantly enhances the quality of documents provided to the customers, increase their satisfaction and at the same time saves a lot of time and ressources spent.

3. Exposition Planning

Inventory3D use case for planning an exposition hall. I will go through 5 different scenes and demonstrate a selection of Inventory3D features, that I think are especially useful for inventory management and floor planing in bigger sites.

With Inventory3D, different plans for large scale sites can readily be drawn in 2D and 3D scenery. Statistic reports list the quantities of all model components, exposition stands can be individually planned and equipped with furniture, and customized stands can easily be presented to expositors. All components in the entire model can be kept continuously synchronized with your inventory list. Like that, Inventory3D can significantly improve your planning and presentation possibilities.


Investment efficiency (+30%)

  • acquisition speed, scope and reliability of information used for investments decision making

Operational efficiency (+35%)

  • site survey, commissioning
  • site/space management
  • spare/repair parts purchasing and logistics

Asset management OPEX vs legacy commercial system (-70%)

  • cost and performance the system

Asset management OPEX vs legacy in-house system (-50%)

  • cost of internal FTE’s in asset management incl. IT support and system development