Solar industry / movie

In this short video we demonstrate how a the Inventory3D mobile app is integrated into a SketchUp based 3D PV engineering system for the sales, production and delivery process at a PV panels producing company.

The SketchUp and Inventory3D based 3D PV engineering system comprises all aspects of PV system planning, including a web interface for incoming customer requests via online ordering, design of an interactive realistic 3D model with shading analysis, tabular compilation of PV system components, estimated PV system output, price calculation, and a compact PV system proposal output.

Of course, a solid PV system proposal relies on information as realistic as possible. Therefore, we developed the Inventory3D mobile app for mobile phones or tablet computers. With this app a salesman of a PV company may take photos from an object in the field – such as different views of a roof structure or possible shadow creating obstacles close by – and upload the photos to an image server.

The image server is accessed from a team in the back office, working with desktop versions of SketchUp, Inventory3D and other software. Like that, the photos taken on site can readily be used to design a 3D model in SketchUp or to adjust a pre-existing proposal. The team in the backoffice creates a proposal and sends it back to the salesman. On site the salesman can discuss the proposal with the client, and, if necessary, take notes and photos, and submit them for the next approach to the back office. The same Inventory3D mobile version is used for photodocumenting the installation works and commissioning handover to the client.

Our PV system proposals comprise the summarized information for the customer and are compiled in a few working hours. They include an architectual part with a dynamic 3D view, accurate PV system performance calculations and a commercial part.

The implemented SketchUp and Inventory3D based 3D PV engineering system covers all the workflow from sales support to backoffice engineering, significantly enhances the quality of documents provided to the customers, increase their satisfaction and at the same time saves a lot of time and ressources spent.