Exposition planning / movie

In this example we show you an Inventory3D use case for an exposition hall. I will go through 5 different scenes and demonstrate a selection of Inventory3D features, that I think are especially useful for inventory management and floor planing in bigger sites.

The first scene is a 2D floor plan in which each lot is depicted with the name of the expositor and the number of the stand. The second scene is a 3D view onto the exposition scenery, in which exposition areas or groups of booths are displayed in a color code. So here you can highlight thematically similar exposition stands, a cafeteria area and so on. Such plans are used as a directory, so that visitors can easily find their way in large sites such as airports or exposition halls.  

The third scene shows the wiring diagram and the additional furniture, such as chairs, tables or shelves. On the right side of the model we have placed a legend for the used icons. In this scene I introduce you to the main functionality of Inventory3D, that is the connection of the content from a database with its graphical representation in a 3D model. In the present example this refers to all the furniture distributed onto the exposition stands. Note that in the database, the connected records are shown in green color. When I click on a green record, the color changes to yellow, and the corresponding type of inventory in the model is highlighted. In addition, each connected record is provided with a zoom function. Click on the magnifier tool and the model zooms to the position of the selected component.

The next scene shows the construction elements for the individual stands, such as partitions and poles. The partition elements are assembled from individual panels, and can be drawn using the dynamic components feature. Simply click on a partition, expand it into one direction, and the individual panels are added automatically. For automatically counting the panels, you can generate a report with the quantity of all the components presented in your model.

The fifth scene combines some of the earlier scenes in that it shows the furniture, the individual stands and the floor plan in 3D. This is the most realistic view, and it can be used to zoom into individual stands, make snapshots from different perspectives and present those to a future expositor

So, with Inventory3D, different plans for large scale sites can readily be drawn in 2D and 3D scenery. Statistic reports list the quantities of all model components, exposition stands can be individually planned and equipped with furniture, and customized stands can easily be presented to expositors. And finally, all components in the entire model can be kept continuously synchronized with your inventory list. Like that, Inventory3D can significantly improve your planning and presentation possibilities.