Inventory3D features

  • Spreadsheet-like, flexible, off-the-shelf, but open database system (implemented on MySQL)
  • Self-customizing, easy to use web interface supporting work also on mobile devices
  • Easy external data integration, support of real-time data feeding from sensors, drones
  • Integration with Maps, GIS and 3D CAD (SketchUp) for outside- and inside-plant engineering
  • Easy to implement, well supported modern IT system

Desktop web front-end


Inventory3D webapp connects to a server located database and enables the user to readily edit the database. Any changes are synchronized with the server database content, keeping the database constantly up to date.

Multimedia attachments


Allows connecting database records with any type of attachment, eg picture, multimedia or text files. The attachments are organized in a file browser, from which they can be selectively grouped and downloaded.

User management and data security


The system administrator can restrict different data access rights for different users and groups. View/edit rights can be defined for each object (table) or its attribute (field). Further, with the history functionality, the admin can monitor each user's access and follow up on who made when which data changes.

Data export and generation of reports


The system administrator has tools to create predefined reports: select the data, attachments and customize the report layout. Users can import data from Excel, export to Excel and download predefined reports.

Integration with Maps


On an integrated map, data can be visualized as points, vectors or lines, further supported by a set of configurable multilayer symbols. Also raster type of data can be shown, for example service coverage or network information.

Mobile web front-end


The Inventory3D Mobile App has been designed specifically for mobile devices in order to support field works, such as installation, monitoring and inspection. For example, workers use the Mobile App to follow up on projects in the field, upload real time information and photos.

Integration with SketchUp


Link database records to 3-D graphics with the help of automatic functions:

  • Autopositioning to automatically place components in the model according to their defined coordinates
  • Autolayer to synchronize the layer structure of the SketchUp components according to their SU_Layer column value
  • Autobinding to automatically connect components in the model to database records by their unique identifiers/names
  • Assisted Labeling to display database information about components in SketchUp Layout

  • Inventory3D video: